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CAROMA Premium Roasted Fresh Coffee Whole Beans | Brazil CerradoBean |100% Arabica | Halal | French Press | 200 g

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CAROMA Premium Roasted Fresh Coffee Whole Beans | Brazil CerradoBean |100% Arabica | Halal | French Press | 200 g Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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CAROMA Premium Roasted Coffee Whole Beans

- Brazil CerradoBean
- 100% Arabica
- Halal
- High Quality
- French Press
- Brew Coffee

Imported from Brazil Cerrado Coffee Beans: Coffee growing elevations in the Cerrado region average about 850 meters and the growing areas are huge, providing large quantities of coffee.

Trees are nurtured with organic fertilizers produced on each of the individual farms, preserving the microbial life in the soil. Coffee cherries are handpicked, ensuring only the ripest fruit is selected.

- Weight: 200gram, Whole Coffee Beans
- Kopi Brew
- Kopi French Press Coffee Brew
- No Artificial Colouring
- No Preservatives
- Free cholesterol
- Rich aroma and Delicious
- Certified by HACCP, ISO22000, cGMP, MeSTI and HALAL by JAKIM.

CAROMA Brazil Cerrado coffee is generally clean with a good body (creamy mouthfeel), low acidity, well-balanced, and often exhibiting a nutty and even slightly caramelly flavor when light-roasted, perhaps even malty, though more chocolaty if given a darker roast.

Ingredients: Whole Coffee Bean
Roast: Medium-Dark
Body: Full, creamy
Taste: Rich, notes of walnut & dark chocolate
Fragrance: Strong, Chocolate
Aroma: Chocolate, nuts
Sweetness: Caramel-toned
Acidity: Mild
Aftertaste: Clean & smooth

Benefits of Black Coffee:
It improves cardiovascular health
It improves your memory
It is good for your liver
It helps you cleanse your stomach
It may help prevent the risk of developing cancer
It is rich in antioxidants

Preparation: Recipe for FRENCH PRESS
Yield: 1 Portion [150ml of Base Brew]
Kopi: 20g
Water: 200g @ 95-98˚C (plus extra to rinse + pre-heat)
Kit: French Press, Spoon, Mug, Timer
Filter Prep: Pre-heated
Brew Time: 3 minutes approx.

Step1: Pre-heat mug with hot water
Step 2: Pre-heat French Press and discard hot water
Step 3: Add CAROMA Coffee Powder to French Press
Step 4: Add 200g hot water to CAROMA Coffee Powder
Step 5: Set a 3 minute timer and stir 10 times in one direction
Step 6: When the timer is up, stir grounds once more to reintegrate into brew, then press plunger. Take care not to press the actual coffee grounds
Step 7: Discard water from pre-heated mug and pour in your French Press brew - you should have 150ml approx.
Step 8: Congrats - you've made your French Press base brew!

Examples of what to do with your base brew:
Kopi-O Kosong (black coffee, unsweetened) - dilute with 70ml hot water
Kopi-O (black coffee) - add 2 tsp sugar to your diluted coffee
Adding evaporated or condensed milk? Reduce the amount of water

Storage Instructions: Keep in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to sunlight or excessive heat.
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